Share Your Experience

Interested in helping to raise awareness and really humanize the movement by sharing your own personal experience with acceptance – or, more specifically, lack thereof – and being featured on the acceptance revolution blog?

Submit your story, a brief bio, a headshot (optional, but preferable), and any other information you’d like included (ie: a link to your personal blog/website, etc.) via email attachments to

This can be ANY story about lack or loss of acceptance (being bullied, racial discrimination, etc.), by the way; while this movement initially grew out of an awareness of lack of acceptance in the LGBTQIA community, the issue of acceptance is definitely not limited to that specific population. This is a space for ANYONE who’s ever felt that they didn’t fit in to make your voice heard.

*Note: While ideally, the vision of this part of the movement is to humanize these issues by attaching names and faces to the stories, if you have concerns about submitting your photo and/or full name and facing discrimination if it pops up in a Google search, feel free to submit artsy profile shots, etc. where your face isn’t clearly identifiable or to write under just your first name or your first and middle name.

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