Personal Experience Spotlight: Kristi Mulqueen

Unconventional Love: Rumor Has It

My life has been something like a big game of “Telephone”:  a complicated story with lots of details, involving people and places. The more detailed my story gets, the more likely the message has been changed as it makes its way through the telephone line of people in my life.

As 30 knocks on my door, I am very aware that I have grown into a woman who is confident and comfortable with herself. My early 20’s were a little confusing, but nonetheless fun, for  lack of a better word. I explored my sexuality often and enjoyed every minute of it. Not everyone understood; I guess it was a complicated situation to understand for most people. I was in a relationship with a man, but was openly bisexual. At times we had “friends with benefits” and there was even a live-in girlfriend at one point. Most strangers, family members, and friends were confused. They told me to choose. They said, if you like women, just be with them. They believed that there was no way that you could love someone and let them “be” with someone else physically. But I explained to them that I was attracted to women but liked having my relationship with my boyfriend, and I was in love with him. With that being said, from then on, people assumed that every friend that was a girl was a lover. They assumed that every girl that hung out with my man and I was having a threesome with us. There were many situations like this that were absolutely true, but there were more that were false. I noticed that everyone around me loved to tell stories, twisting my words and actions into manipulated fairytales created solely for their own entertainment. It’s not my fault their sex life was so boring that they fantasized about mine. They said we would never last…

So here I am, about to celebrate my 11 year anniversary with my boyfriend, the same man that I explored my sexuality with, my lover, my best friend. We are not as “crazy” as we were in our early 20’s, but we haven’t changed much. We still have the same theories about relationships. We still have people who question our actions and assume things. All that matters is that we love each other, and what works for one doesn’t always work for another. All I know is that my relationship has lasted more than most marriages. So as unconventional as it may be, for us, it works, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so grateful to find a partner who I can be myself with unconditionally.

© Kristi Mulqueen for Acceptance Revolution, 2012

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5 responses to “Personal Experience Spotlight: Kristi Mulqueen

  • Charles Kramer

    I would have to say this is the most unbelievably romantic story i have ever heard. I think that your person is defined by who you are and in part your actions as well. For someone to be bold enough to explore themselves without hesitation and regret is one of the most important things in life. At least you know that you have explored the parts of yourself that you wanted to while other sit back and ruminate on what could have been, could be, or may be. Amazing!

  • Tiffanywrites


    This was both courageous and inspiring. I think it’s admirable that you wear your heart on your sleeve and do not make any excuse for the way you live your life, and who you choose to be intimate with. Sexuality is a fluid thing, and loves knows no gender or boundaries. The act of sex is tangible and doesn’t always need to involve anything more than a mutual physical satisfaction. .There are so many levels of intimacy, and it is refreshing to see such honesty about it.

  • Kristi

    Thanks Tiffany, Im happy that some people take the time to understand my way of life; instead of making quick judgements or assumptions. Thank you for the support.

  • Kristi

    Charlie! I love you boy! Your the best, thanks for the support as always.

  • Kaleesi

    Hey! I was one of those people they thought were!!!!

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